Meeting between Xi and Charles Michel | PRESS

Commenting on the meeting between the Chinese President Xi and the President of the European Council, Charles Michel who will be travelling to Beijing on 1 December,  Reinhard Bütikofer, Chairman of the China Delegation of the European Parliament, said:
“Charles Michel must address the unprecedented nation-wide protest movement in China against Xi Jinping’s ruthless zero-COVID policy. The protests have shown common demands against the COVID lockdown policy but also for more freedom and have criticised the hardening authoritarianism of the regime since Xi Jinping came to power.” 

“Charles Michel should certainly reiterate the EU offer to help China by providing European COVID vaccines.” 

“We well know the violence of repression of which the Chinese regime is capable. It is therefore crucial that Charles Michel takes a firm stance and warns Xi Jinping of the EU’s determination to react to the indicated crackdown by raising it in international organisations and to initiate additional sanctions if necessary.”