Global Gateway initiative / Von der Leyen´s SOTEU speech | PRESS

Commenting on President von der Leyen´s proposal in her State of the European Union speech of a new Global Gateway initiative, Reinhard Bütikofer, foreign policy coordinator of the Greens/EFA group in the European Parliament, says:

“I strongly welcome President von der Leyen´s announcement. It has been high time to take the European connectivity strategy to a new level as she did today. Her announcement represents a self-confident EU that does not shy away from offering our own alternatives as a geopolitical actor. President von der Leyen rightfully emphasized that the bottom line of this new policy will be “links, not dependencies”. It is also encouraging that she promises to put the Global Gateway initiative onto the agenda of the upcoming EU-African Union summit, as the European Parliament had proposed in its own Connectivity report. It is a major step that President von der Leyen with her new Global Gateway brand now takes charge of this important file. We know that the business community stands ready to join. The establishment of a Global Gateway Business Advisory Council should be a practical next step. What the Global Gateway initiative needs now is an effective governance structure, an inclusive Team Europe approach, and the timely identification of lighthouse projects. Partners from Japan and India to the United States are willing to cooperate with the EU´s strategy. This opportunity must not be wasted.”

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