China’s coercive pressure on Australia – making them pay for 14 sins? | video record

The coercive pressure which China is presently indulging in vis-à-vis Australia has not received a lot of public attention. To many it may look like a “China-Australia-only” affair. But Europeans should pay extra attention to what is going on. As the economic partnership between China and the EU is developing, we may to learn from the Australian experience about how they deal with a systemic rival.

This week we had the opportunity to discuss on that matter with three distinguished experts from Australia, France and Germany:

  • Kimberley Kitching, Australian Senator for Victoria (Labour Party) and IPAC Co-Chair
  • Prof. Heribert Dieter, Stiftung Wissenschaft & Politik
  • Arnaud Danjean, MEP (Les Républicains/EPP), Member of EP Delegation with Australia and New Zealand

Watch the video record of our online conference here: