The stone has fallen onto Orban´s feet

Commenting on the outcome of yesterday’s referendum in Hungary, the Co-Chair of the European Green Party Reinhard Bütikofer said:

“Hungary held a European referendum, and there is one clear loser – Prime Minister Orban. He will not be able to boast of a mandate from the Hungarian people to block EU cooperation on the refugee issue as he pleases. With the words of an old Chinese saying: ‘The stone that he had lifted up, has fallen onto his own feet.’


The Co-Chair of the European Green Party Monica Frassoni added:

“Still, we do not underestimate the disruptive effect of such initiatives. They fuel prejudice and discrimination. Moreover they do not offer any solution to the pressing responsibility and legal obligation of the EU institutions and its members to fairly distribute among them the duty to assist and give international protection to those escaping from war and repression. This result is even more important considering the great resources Orban devoted to a campaign which was overwhelmingly dominated by his arguments and was considered an integral part of his European cultural ‘counter-revolution’, aimed at getting rid of any European common sovereignty and at pushing forward his conservative and illiberal agenda. We wish to continue working with those in Hungary who fight against such agenda and in favor of a European and fair solution to the issue of migrants and refugees.”



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Eliana Capretti Head of Communications and Press

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