Proud new chapter in Taiwan´s history | PRESS

Commenting on the outcome of the elections in Taiwan, Reinhard Bütikofer, Chair of the China Delegation of the European Parliament, says:

“Taiwan´s vibrant democracy has scored a major victory. In spite of massive interference online as well as economic pressure and military threats from Beijing, the people of Taiwan wrote a proud new chapter in the history of the self-ruled island. For the first time, one of Taiwan´s democratic parties landed a third consecutive electoral victory in the presidential race. DPP, which is effectively the Taiwan identity party, has, however, lost its majority in the Legislative Yuan. This implies that Taiwan´s political parties must find ways of working together to establish an effective government. Lai Ching-Te, the successful presidential candidate, acknowledged this fact by advocating cooperation and offering to include policies and personalities from beyond his own party.

The PRC has threatened measures against Taiwan in the case of an electoral victory of DPP. Democratic governments around the world must therefore show solidarity with Taiwan´s democracy, call on Beijing to respect the democratic results, and actively push back against any coercive measures that the Chinese authorities might opt for.”