Solidarity with Lithuania | PRESS

After the latest Chinese threats, intimidation and bullying, MEP Petras Auštrevičius (Renew Europe, Lithuania) and MEP Reinhard Bütikofer (Greens/EFA, Germany) jointly initiated an open letter of solidarity to the President, the Prime Minister and the Speaker of the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania. The attached letter was supported by over 60 Members of the European Parliament from 20 countries and 5 different political groups. 

MEP Petras Auštrevičius welcomes this letter and underlines: “The EU must continue to reiterate the right of all its Member States to conduct their economic, cultural and diplomatic relations with Taiwan as they see fit, and to do so free from threats and intimidation by the Chinese government. Taiwan has a vital role to play in the international community.”

MEP Reinhard Bütikofer underlines the need for European solidarity: “With this letter, we want to assure our Lithuanian friends that we will not stop to work for broad EU solidarity vis-à-vis the Chinese government’s punitive measures against them. Europe must stand united and defend our shared values.”