RECORDING AVAILABLE: How to engage Iran: is there a need for a new strategy? | Webinar

You can find the recording of our webinar here:

Webinar on Thursday, 11 June, 03:00 p.m. (Brussels time)

with Cornelius Adebahr (Carnegie Europe), Barbara Slavin (Atlantic Council) & Adnan Tabatabai (CARPO)

Following U.S. withdrawal from the nuclear deal in 2018, Trump’s administration has opted for a maximum pressure campaign against Tehran, while the EU has tried to keep the pieces of the deal together in order to avoid further destabilization in the Gulf region. However, neither U.S. nor EU’s contrasting strategies towards Iran have proved to yield results.

With a more conservative Parliament in Iran following last February’s elections and the next U.S. Presidential election looming, tensions are set to worsen. The EU should use the next months to rework its strategy on how to engage Iran in a way that produces stability in the Gulf region while managing a delicate transatlantic diplomacy.

Ernest Urtasun and myself were delighted to invite to a virtual discussion on “How to engage Iran: is there a need for a new strategy?”. We were joined by three leading experts in the field who provided an analysis from a European, American and Iranian perspective.