Green Jobs Summit Budapest

Am 23. Januar 2014 war ich auf dem Green Jobs Summit in Budapest und sprach dort in folgender Rede (EN) über Strategien, Probleme und Chancen für grünes Wachstum in Europa:

Step up to the plate

President Obama and Presidents Barroso and van Rompuy have agreed to start negotiations between the US and the EU to establish a Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). The economic impact of TTIP will, according to the analysis of the EU Commission, increase the EU’s GDP by at least half a percentage point and, as the president of Business Europe has added, result in the creation of two million new jobs in the EU.
Reaching the agreement will be difficult and to succeed the EU needs to identify what its priorities are. Europe should not allow TTIP to undermine European environmental and climate policy, standards of consumer protection including data privacy, and social and labor safety standards.

Cyprus deal: the beginning of an endgame for the European project?

With the deal made over the weekend, Cyprus has been handed a heavier, more burdensome deal by the Eurozone than any of the other countries before. The new chair of the Eurozone, the Dutch finance minister, first heralded this so-called solution as a template for other possible future cases. Then he retracted that statement. It shows that they are losing direction and they don’t know what they’re doing and where they’re going. One thing however is obvious, the will to compromise, the will to put yourself in the other side’s shoes, the will to have an understanding from the northern countries of what’s happening in the south, and probably also the other way around, is vastly decreasing. And if we cannot find a new political source for common effort, I’m afraid this Cyprus deal will be beginning of an endgame that is not going to be positive for the European project.

Click here to view the video statement I made to the Cyprus deal.

Namen sind Schall und Rauch

Am 16. Januar 2013 präsentierte der irische Premierminister Enda Kenny im Europäischen Parlament n Straßburg das Programm der irischen Ratspräsidentschaft. In meiner Redezeit betonte ich das Thema Jugendarbeitslosigkeit und stellte… Weiterlesen »